Mia Hall


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[1]  Photo-induced Cu-RDRP using a continuous flow reactor

M. Hall, E. Liarou, D. Haddleton, T. Junkers, MacroGroup UK Young Researchers Meeting 2023, University of Warwick, UK, Link will be updated


Since 2022

Joint Ph. D. Chemistry

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. T. Junkers (Monash) & Prof. Dr. D. Handdleton (Warwick)

Monash University

University of Warwick

2018 - 2022

MChem, integrated Masters in Chemistry

University of Warwick



Graduate teaching assistant

University of Warwick 


MChem Project – “Synthesis of renewable and biodegradable polymers for use in personal care products”

Supervisor: Prof. dr. David Haddleton, in collaboration with Unilever

University of Warwick 


TeamWorks Internship

Research intern in a collaboration for an industrial partner 

Project: Zero Oxygen Solutions for a water quality monitoring instrument

University of Warwick 

Cornell University

University of Hong Kong