Oliver Weismantel

Office: building 23, level 2, Room 221

+61 3990 54594Oliver.weismantel@monash.edu

Scientific Contributions

[1]  Efficient generation of self-avoiding, semiflexible rotational isomeric chain ensembles in bulk, in confined geometries, and on surfaces

O.Weismantel, A. Galata, M. Sadeghi, A. Kröger, M.Kröger, Computer Physics Communication 2022, 270, 108-176, DOI: 10.1016/j.cpc.2021.108176

Conference Contributions


Since 2021

Master of Science: Material Science

ETH Zürich

2017 - 2020

Bachelor of Science: Material Science

ETH Zürich



Industrial Internship

R&D Analytical Competence Platform

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