WeiNian Wong (William)

Office: building 23, level 2, Room 216

+61 3990 55653wei.wong@monash.edu

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Since 2022

Ph. D. Chemistry

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. T. Junkers

Monash University

2015 - 2019

MEng in Chemical Engineering with Environmental Engineering

University of Nottingham


2020 - 2022

R&D Process Engineer

BRB Malaysia Sdn Bhd (a subsidiary of Petronas Chemical Group) 

2018 - 2019

MEng Research Project - “Vapour Liquid Equilibrium Study of Methanol and Acetone Azeotrope with Different Classes of Entrainer Using A New Modified Ebulliometer” 

University of Nottingham

2018 - 2019

MEng Advanced Design Project - “Design of Membrane-Assisted Autothermal Reforming Reactor

University of Nottingham

2017 - 2018

BEng Plant Design Project - “Production of Ethylene and Propylene from Off-Shore Gas”

University of Nottingham


Industrial Internship

Darco Water Technologies Sdn Bhd